4 thoughts on “Corporate Greed vs Future Green: The urgent war corporate executives must win today!

  1. Corporate GREED is out of control and has been for years. They produce so much useless fucking garbage to sell and push in our faces, send mail ads and articles wasting millions of tons of paper on advertising, ANYTHINGGGGGGG FOR THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR!!!!! Rape the planet, more greed, less pay, more production, more advertising, more for us less for everything else. Chemicals, plastic, solvents, paints, dyes, poisons, bring it on baby. We want the planet to glow at night with toxins and death…anything for more money. We definitely need more fuckin funko pops, they serve such a purpose in life and create no waste at all. Billions of useless pieces of shit like this are produced every day, marked up through the roof, called collector’s editions and assholes line up and can’t wait to waste their money on it. MAN ARE MOST PEOPLE BRAINWASHED FUCKING SHEEP. These companies must be MADE to stop production of unnecessary things for all our good. We all need to change worldwide NOW and stop the bullshit. Talk clearly does not work, passive ways need to stop…we’ve tired…they don’t work. These corporations need grabbed by the hair, dragged into submission and fuckin stopped now. Everyone is SO FUCKIN AFRAID TO NOT BE POLITICALLY CORRECT…guess what, shit is worse than ever. Pull you brain out of the iphone, tv, youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc, etc, etc, etc and take back life!!! No animal ever has created waste or pollution, not in it’s entire life and still somehow survives and maintains a balance with its surroundings., never takes more than it needs. Not these companies though, we need 40 million dollar yachts, gold plated toilets, Bugattis, and tv shows about all the excess greed. FUCK YEAH BRING IT ON!!! LIFE HAS BECOME A CHEAP TOXIC PLASTIC PUSSIFIED VERSION OF ITSELF AND ITS GREAT, EVERYONE JUST KERP IGNORING IT AND NOT BEING FORCEFUL BECAUSE THATS NOT POLITE, IT WILL EVENTUALLY GO AWAY. Have a nice life and enjoy!! Cheers!

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