Message from Prof Mervyn King

Chair of the Advisory Panel of The Good Governance Academy

Nearly everything we have in our lives comes from an organisation. It might be a company, a government department, or a social organisation. We may receive goods, services or information from these organisations. It should be built on foundations of intellectual honesty, transparency, accountability and trust driven by leaders.

But organisations are not people, they are artificial, inanimate legal entities with no conscience. They take their ethical character and reputation from their leaders. Directors and senior managers are the heart, mind, soul and conscience of an organisation. The focus of corporate leaders should be in the best interests of the long term health of an organisation

Good managers, executives and directors have to be people who have crossed the self-river, leaving behind self-interest and concern into the area of intellectual honesty and act in the best long term  interests of the health of an organisation. Just as a tree draws nourishment from its roots to flourish and bear fruit, so too an organisation draws its moral compass from its leaders.

The purpose of corporate leaders must be value creation in a sustainable manner because humanity will not survive the 21st century being another one of unsustainable development.

Professor Mervyn King