Prof Mervyn King SC, patron of The Good Governance Academy (GGA) is hosting a select half-day colloquium on “Effective Corporate Leadership”.  The focus will be on whether a company is or is not seen to be a responsible corporate citizen.

This depends on whether its corporate leaders steer the business of the company to be at the junction, in our resource-constrained world, of the economy, society and the environment.
Companies must deal with environmental and social issues and the quality of its governance before investing that institution’s beneficiaries’ money in the equity of that company. When a company has a business model which, for example, adversely impacts on the environment, society has berated the company, but the company has never done anything wrong. This inclusive approach to governance is the model of today and the future.

You are invited to attend this unique colloquium to better understand the needs, interests and expectations of the company’s stakeholders pertinent to its business. This event will provide you with the tools you need to make a decision in the best long term interests of the health of your company.

Meet the speakers

Prof Mervyn King SC Prof Pedro Tabensky Prof Jill Atkins
Patron Director Chair,Financial MGMT
The Good Governance Academy  Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics Sheffield University United Kingdom
Dr Abhinanda  Gautum Rekgotsofetse Chikane
Academic Head

Post Graduate

       Regenesys Business                              School Wits School of Governance

Meet the Panel Speakers

 Annamarie van der Merwe Athol Williams Leigh Roberts
Co-Chief Executive Officer Independent Ethics Advisor/Experienced Corporate Strategy Advisor/Senior Lecturer C.E.O
FluidRock Governance Group University of Cape Town Integrated Reporting Commitee of South Africa
Michael Judin,

Partner and Joint Owner

Judin Combrinck Inc.


The colloquium will address the concept of the innocent company which is based on the argument that the company is an incapacitated, inanimate person which has no heart, mind, soul or conscience. You will learn that the foundation of an effective corporate leader is intellectual honesty. This is the application of setting aside present needs and past experiences while leaving aside the corporate sins of fear, greed, pride, arrogance and sloth.

You will understand that that no business model of a company can be said to be sustainable without dealing with the risks of climate change and species extinction.The difference between transformational and transactional leadership will be discussed. Transactional leadership has been colloquially described as “keeping the ship afloat.”

You will learn that there are many reasons which can be illustrated by lack of collaboration; lack of commitment to learn; arrogance; lack of a clear strategy; lack of dedication to employees; failure to adapt; betraying trust; a dearth of passion, compassion and dispassion as well as a lack of prioritization.

The audience will get an opportunity to direct questions to the speakers and as a result attendees will get their most pressing questions answered. After the presentations there will be a panel discussion from some of the leaders of business in South Africa about the input on these aspects and challenges in regard to their own businesses

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Event Details

Date: Thursday, 28 November 2019

Registration: 7am

Time: 8am-1pm

Cost:R1170 per person

Venue: Regenesys Campus, 165 West Street Sandown , Sandton

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Phone: 0116695274

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