The Good Governance Academy was launched on 18 March under the patronage of Prof. Mervyn King with the objective of collaborating with business schools, institutions and universities, local and international, to share information for the greater public good. The four critical governance areas identified as matters of public interest are:

  • Value creation in a sustainable manner
  • Conscious corporate leadership
  • Integrated thinking and reporting
  • Mindful outcomes based governance as embodied in King IV

This heralds a new dawn for students and teachers in business administration. Although it is only one part of South African society, it is a critical area. The Academy aims to make a contribution to the South Africa of tomorrow through collaboration to graduate thousands of conscious corporate leaders, who aspire to steer the company’s business to be at the junction of the three critical dimensions for sustainable development, namely the economy, society and the environment. It seeks to inspire conscious corporate leaders who accept that they are the conscience of the company and determine its moral compass.

The Good Governance Academy is proud to host its inaugural colloquium titled: “Value Creation in a Sustainable Manner Colloquium”

Programme line-up

Nicolas McGuigan – Associate Professor Monash University and Co-founder of the Accountability Institute, Australia 

The evolution of accountancy and business education – teaching to think differently.

Brian Chicksen – Adjunct Professor UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, Cape Town

Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into a strategy.

Athol Williams – UCT, Alan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership, Cape Town

The drivers changing the corporate mindset from increasing wealth for shareholders even at a cost to society and the environment, but without deception (Milton Friedman) to the long term health of the company.


Shobna Persadh, Corporate Affairs & Sustainable Business Director, Unilever

Gular Aras, Founding Director, Yildiz Technical University Centre for Finance, Corporate Governance & Sustainability, Istanbul (Video clip)

Why a sustainable value creation story is necessary for companies in the capital markets of the world.

James Forson, Chief Operating Officer, Regenesys Business School, Johannesburg

Value creation through stakeholder management.

 Deshika Kathawaroo, CEO, Eco-Industrial Solutions


 Panel Discussion

Advisory panel members of The Good Governance Academy


Prof. Dr. Guler Aras,
Professor of Finance and Accounting
Founding Chair, Integrated Reporting Network Turkey
Founding Director of YTU Center for Finance, Governance and Sustainability

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Athol Williams
UCT, Alan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership
Cape Town

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James Forson
Regenesys Business School

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Nick McGuigan
Associate Professor
Monash University

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Shobna Persadh
Corporate Affairs and Sustainable Business Director
Unilever South Africa

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Brian Chicksen
Adjunct Professor
UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

New Project (27)

Deshika Kathawaroo
Eco-Industrial Solutions

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